Duran Duran Supported By The Bloom Twins – Leeds Arena

The Bloom Twins, a duo from Kiev in the Ukraine have been very lucky in opening up for Duran Duran on their arena tour. The link between the two acts is that Duran Duran keyboard player, Nik Rhodes has produced some tracks from the duo. It is not the first time he has produced an act, he co produced Kajagoogoo in the early 1980's.

The live version of the duo has a drummer too who sits in between the girls who stand behind their keyboards. They remind me vocally and musically of Shakespeare's Sister with a touch of latter day Depeche Mode in there too.

To say that these were their biggest gigs to date, they appeared to have the confidence to see it through. Someone must have informed them beforehand to ask the audience to chant "Yorkshire, Yorkshire" as they seemed to let it slip off their tongues naturally. Black Heart was their most enduring song of their set. The association with Duran Duran and the exposure on these gigs can only aid their cause and keep their profile high.

Looking around the arena it was refreshing to see many male members of the audience in attendance besides the largely middle aged female contingent present. The New Romantics may have become the old romantics but tonight it was not all about nostalgia. Duran Duran released a stellar album of new material earlier this year. Paper Gods, the title track opened up the gig.

Simon Le Bon thought he was in Newcastle, not Leeds, at least he was honest to say that "someone usually writes on the top of my set list which city we are in but I need glasses these days to read it" By the time the gig had finished the fans made sure he certainly knew he was in Leeds!

They have some great tracks in Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf and A View To A Kill which all followed in succession. Their last single Pressure Off seems them still at the top of their game. The audience didn't seem to be as receptive to the newer tracks preferring the older material which was interspersed with the new tracks off their current album.

They all look fit and trim and bass player John Taylor still appears to be the favourite member of the fans. A huge video screen behind them shows visuals that added to the ambience of the songs.

After 90 minutes on stage the band return for Save A Prayer dedicating it to the Paris bomb victims. A superb nights entertainment from an up and coming duo rounded off with a group who are still as relevant as ever and can still cut it live.